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Leverage HCP Intelligence to Discover the Undiscovered


Relying on the same roster of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and medical experts can be problematic in driving successful outcomes and innovation. With the digitization of healthcare and emergence of Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs), finding the right external leaders and influencers can be even more difficult than before.


HCP Universe provides an AI-powered Medical Affairs and MSL platform that delivers 360-degree, evidence-based insights for HCPs and KOLs globally, including the work they engage in, their spheres of influence and the patient populations they serve. See how MSLs and Medical Affairs teams can leverage technology to uncover the right leaders and how they can better engage with them in the guides below.


Social Media, Research, & A Digital Front Door: The Emergence of Digital Opinion Leaders - A Best Practices Guide


Three Ways Medical Teams Can Better Engage Experts 


H1's HCP Universe enables you to: 

  • Increase flexibility, breadth of data and availability of information to inform and build HCP lists
  • Provide customizable real-time alerts, activity feeds, workflows and integrative search capabilities 
  • Maximize time for strategic relationship building with HCPs

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